Warner Bros. Discovery UK Commissions Crackit True Crime Duo


Warner Bros. Discovery UK has commissioned Crackit’s brand new crime series The Swindlers, and renewed Deadliest Mums & Dads for a second season.

The Swindlers (working title) is a 6 x 60-minute docuseries, which examines some of the most audacious stories of brazen and ruthless serial swindlers who charmed and manipulated their way into the lives and wallets of their victims. The series, which will air on Quest Red early next year, will flip between the perspective of the swindlers and that of their victims, revealing unbelievable stories and just how complex and devastating lies and deception can be. Featuring high-profile cases including the story of Medi Abalimba, a failed former pro footballer who couldn’t give up on his high-rolling lifestyle and began conning the women he dated.

Following the success of series one, Deadliest Mums & Dads series two will be released on Quest Red in September 2022. The show will examine even more heinous and heart-breaking crimes, with each of the episodes focusing on a different story of parents who murdered their own children.